Whew it’s Hot out there!

What I've been up to the first half of 2018

The dog days of Sumer are here. Baseball is in full swing and the French are celebrating their

World Cup Soccer win. What have you been doing this summer? As for me, I went to Israel in April on a pilgrimage with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn (of the Harbinger and Book of Mysteries fame) it was a trip I will never forget! There were 650 of us in 15 buses so I got a feel for how frustrated Moses must have been trying to move 1.2 million people in the same direction! Pictured to the right is a Jewish Rabbi heading to the Temple Mount for daily prayers. Below, this is ME  eating what they refer to as Peter’s fish…TASTY! (more…)

Travel Talk Spotlight: DALLAS/Fort Worth


I went to a conference being held in Dallas/Fort Worth area. WOW, what an eye opener! I had been to the airport to make a connecting flight, but I had never had the time to tour around. I had a great time. There are so many things to do. As you know from my previous posts, I love to use the Viator company to help me plan my experiences. They hire locals, who really know their stuff to guide you through the attraction and give you insider information which only locals know.

Skitterphoto / Pixabay

Take for example, the Dallas City Pass. For one price you can go to four attractions and you have 9 days to use it! You can go to the Reunion Tower which stands 470 feet above the town and see 360 degree views. Then check out the Perot Museum of Natural Science and then spend some time at the Dallas Zoo or if you don’t enjoy talking to the animals, perhaps history is more your style and go instead to the 6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, which formerly was known as the School Book Depository where evidence has been collected related to the John F. Kennedy assassination. Wind up your pass activities at the George W. Bush Presidential Library or the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. So little time, so much to see!

If you are a foodie, there are wine tasting and margarita tours.

AlexAntropov86 / Pixabay

And don’t even get me started on the shopping.

Dallas/Fort Worth a trip I will remember as one with many diverse things to see and do.

Happy Strategic Travels!




Anti-Purse Snatching Strategy

This strategy works for men too!

The prevention of Senior Scams is one topic I am passionate about!  When I can find an easy solution to prevent scams, I want to share the information.

Recently, I discovered one such solution. I have seen women in the grocery story turn away from their grocery cart with their purse inside, to reach into a shelf to pull out cans or boxes, to read labels, or to put oranges into a grocery bag. The whole time their purse is left unsupervised. I have seen Seniors get out of their car and begin to pump gas, while their purse is lying open on the front seat of the car with their doors unlocked. In restaurants, ladies with purses hanging on the back of their chairs are an open invitation for a stolen purse. Recentl,y my mother explained that when she went for a walk, she did not like to take her purse because she really did not need it, except she did need to take her apartment key. I have found the perfect tool to prevent all of these potential scams or problems. (more…)

Splish, Splash, I Was Takin’ a Bath…

Walk in Tubs...Love 'em or hate 'em?

Initially, I thought I was going to write a blog about Seniors aging in place (in your home, usually) and the benefits of walk-in tubs.

Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

That is until I read the “comments” section on several dealer websites and some consumer comments posted by the BBB. It seems as if there is a major, contentious debate about walk in tubs for seniors. Let me set up some of the issues I’ve found.

Those persons who love them say they are safer than traditional tubs or showers when it comes to getting in and out of a tub and preventing falls. Others say that they take so long to fill with water, that they wait until they fill up and resort to using a ladder or “climbing” in and out over the side…which robs the senior of the  whole safety feature of the slight rise walk-in tub approach.  (more…)

DIY Legal Documents

Easy access to the Internet has brought on many good things and also many things which are not. Take for example, “Do it yourself” or DIY Wills, Health Care, and Financial Powers of Attorney.

KlausHausmann / Pixabay

My biggest concern about them is that they give the persons, who do them, a false sense of security. The whole purpose for doing these advance directives is for these documents to set forth your views on important topics (health decisions, distributing your finances or your estate) when you are incapacitated or deceased and can not make these decisions personally. In other words, these documents speak for you, when you can’t. That’s what makes them so important. (more…)

Car Remote Scam ALERT

Sometimes the old fashioned way is better

Does your car have remote, keyless entry capabilities? You use a “clicker” to lock and unlock your car instead of a key?

Vitamin / Pixabay

BE CAREFUL! A current scam which is going around is for thieves to hang out near your car and use a device to intercept your wireless transmission of information from your clicker to your car. When you walk off or leave your car, the scammers then gain entry to your car. Some of them steal your possessions, while others steal your car. Scammers can pull of their heist in moments. To make matters worse, some law enforcement folks are unwilling to charge the perpetrators (assuming they find them) because there was no forceable entry.

So, what strategy can you implement to protect your family, possessions, and your car? Use your old fashioned car key instead of the remote clicker to access or lock your car when you are out in a public place because the public airwaves are not private.

Happy Strategizing!



Newest Credit card scam ALERT

As we welcome the New Year, there is a new credit card scam to be aware of so that you don’t get tricked.

Republica / Pixabay

The new scam goes like this. Someone pretending to be from a credit card company calls you and says, “Your credit card interest rate is getting ready to be increased, but because you are such a good customer, we wanted to allow you to take advantage of a new program where your rate will not be increased when the rate increase goes into effect.” Then they proceed to tell you that in order to be eligible for the loyalty program, you need only verify your card information…

So how do you avoid this scam? Don’t answer the phone if you do not recognize the caller. If you answer the phone, tell the person you will have to call them back, and then call your credit card company using a number which you know belongs to your company, NOT any number the caller gives you.

Happy Srategizing!



Planning for the New Year

You’ve heard that if you do the same thing over and over, you will continue to get the same result over and over. This can be a positive thing or a negative thing. Many people have stopped doing New Years resolutions for the same reason…they have done them time and again only to fail. So this year, try something new. Try planning instead of resolving. Plan to do something every day for 28 days and it becomes a habit.

geralt / Pixabay

So, rather than saying “I resolve to lose 25 pounds.” Instead delete an unhealthy food item from your diet for 28 days and replace it with a healthier one. Maybe you decide to delete ice cream and add yogurt. Or maybe you plan to add exercise. So instead of saying, “I resolve to run a 5k.” Maybe you plan to walk a few minutes every day for 28 days. Over time, you can modify your plan by adding healthy food items and increasing your walking distance and speed. If you don’t succeed one day with your food item or your walking, tomorrow is another day to implement your plan. Take your plan step by step. One day at a time.  (more…)

Can you hear me now?

Over the Counter Hearing Aids may soon be coming to a store near you!

There is a debate raging among lobbyists and consumers which may ultimately help you acquire hearing aids at a lower cost. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) and Senator Chuck Grassley (R) are trying to get the “Over the Counter Hearing Aid Act of 2017 ” passed. (more…)

Think Before Raising Your (mailbox) Flag!

Raising the flag could put your wallet at risk.

You have participated in the same daily ritual your entire adult life…and now it is no longer safe to raise the flag on your mailbox. Really? It’s true, nothing seems to be safe or routine any more. The scheme is called “check washing” and the scammers are called “mail snatchers.”

AmberAvalona / Pixabay

But, how likely is it that this scam will impact you? Likely, if you have an old fashioned mailbox. According to the postal people, check washing is an 815 million dollar problem in the United States every year. Here is what the mail snatchers do. (more…)